Portrait Dental News!

While the world has been spending more time at home, we thought we would join in on the movement and start using this time to better ourselves!

It is no doubt that all our staff has enjoyed meeting every one of our clients over the years, however, we realize that adapting communities and times call for an adaptive healthcare partner.

This is why we are happy to make a special announcement that will positively affect all our current and future customers.

The Big News? Our Website!

Portrait Dentistry has been revitalizing smiles for quite some years, mentioning the benefits of beautiful teeth for first impressions and confidence, all while not taking our own advice.

Understanding that our website is a hub for dental checkup scheduling, information gathering, and OUR first impression for most of our clients, we only thought it important to give Portrait’s online persona a make-over.

As you can see from perusing around our pages, we have made some major updates. Starting out with one goal, we strived for a simplistic and stress-free approach to our web design.

How Does This Benefit You?

When it comes to booking, learning, or just have a dental question on your mind, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get a hold of us.

So, whether that means picking up a phone and dropping us a call or browsing through our health tips in our blogs, every step should be intuitive and easily accessible.

As well, during these peculiar times, having a contactless form of communication couldn’t be of more value.

Online to the Dentist’s Chair

It isn’t just our website that has featured massive improvement this year. Even our office has been keeping up to date with all the latest health recommendations, keeping client safety our #1 priority.

So, if you have a dental emergency, want to discuss Invisalign options, or want your teeth whitened for when we can finally remove our masks, we got you!

Take it as an opportunity to use our new online booking tool or get on the phone. The Portrait Dental team is ready to hear from you!

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