Sedation Dentistry

Do you defer visits to the dentist due to fear or anxiety?
You are not the only one.

Research conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry concluded that nearly 40 million Americans delay dental treatments as a result of perpetual dental phobias.

At Portrait Dental, located in Liberty Village, Downtown Toronto, we take pride in the comforting and relaxed setting in which our patients can relax and get the attention they require via our sedation dentistry Toronto services.

Sedation dentists in Toronto Dr. Kerbel and our highly trained team of dental practitioners will first sit and talk with you regarding your concerns before beginning treatment. We will then collaborate together in order to establish a treatment plan that offers you the most comfort. Further, we will take the time to explain the protocols for sedation dentistry that we recommend to you, our trusting patient, so you will not doubt the care you obtain. Nervous and on-edge patients repeatedly benefit from the sedation dentistry options we provide at our office in Toronto via anti-anxiety medications that we administer to patients in order to induce patients into a state of total-body relaxation.

Portrait Dental in Liberty Village, Downtown Toronto, has been taking the fear and anxiety out of dental procedures for patients for years. Dr. Kerbel and our dental staff will carefully oversee the patient’s vital signs throughout treatments and procedures. As well, a dentist or another member of our highly trained staff will constantly be chairside to keep your comfort optimally in check, at the top of our priorities. We provide an array of options for sedation dentistry; with each option specific to individual patient’s conditions and requirements. Dr. Kerbel and our dental professionals at Portrait Dental go above and beyond to offer patients optimal comfort using sedation dentistry techniques, which require permits & licensing.

Sedation dentist Dr. Kerbel and associates will advise patients to utilize the mode of sedation dentistry that’s most appropriate for their unique needs.

Our sedation dentistry treatment options in Toronto can help to accommodate to:

  • Patients needing more than one procedure within a single appointment
  • Are unable to sit still for long periods of time
  • Have overly sensitive teeth
  • Have a dentist phobia
  • Have gag reflexes that are easily triggered
  • Prefer to be relaxed throughout dental procedures
  • Have pain in their back, neck, and/or shoulders
  • Would prefer to not remember their dental procedure (Amnesia through sedation)

If you require sedation dentistry, our highly trained dental experts at Portrait Dental are an ideal choice. Please don’t hesitate to contact Portrait Dental to schedule an appointment. The majority of our phobic patients eventually conquer their reservations after only a couple of visits to our downtown Toronto office and they tend to opt out of sedation during the following procedures. It is, however, always an option, should you request it.

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