Bonded Fillings

A great solution to help treat your damaged tooth.

Bonded Fillings are an excellent option for patients with a damaged tooth surface, which is usually the result of a cavity. A decayed tooth can cause a lot of pain which can maybe you uncomfortable all the while. If the decayed tooth is not treated, the germs present in it will eventually spread, thus damaging your neighbouring teeth. Portrait Dental in Toronto, Ontario provides bonded fillings, a great solution to help treat your damaged tooth.

Our dentists recommend bonded fillings as a solution to protect your injured tooth from further damage.

Bonded fillings are a tooth-coloured composite restoration used to fill-in the decayed tooth. The effectiveness of bonded fillings lies in creating a strong bond between enamel and the fillings, keeping the filling in place for the most effective treatment. Unlike amalgam and metal fillings, composite fillings are virtually undetectable, and they give your mouth an authentic look.

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