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Our Downtown Toronto dental office, located in Liberty Village, has high standards for personalizing dental care. With thorough treatment planning, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, our goal is to have all client experiences carried out gently and diligently, to suit your specific dental goals.

Safety, education and training are three huge components of what we do behind the scenes. We believe that prevention trumps any cure. We perform x-rays and can refer you to a specialist, if required, and we ensure that we do not compromise when it comes to health.

Our Toronto dentists ensure that your experience is positive: Our treatment coordinators make every effort to care for you in emergency scenarios. 

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    Portrait Dental

    171 East Liberty Street, Suite 138
    Toronto, Ontario, M6K3P6
    Tel: 416-534-6000


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    We are open on Specific Sundays, call to inquire!