Root Canal Therapy In Toronto, Ontario

Root canal therapy is meant to treat an infected tooth and to restore its original health and strength. An infected, decayed, traumatized tooth or gum diseases influence the condition of the teeth, leaving them accessible to attack from germs and bacteria. This bacteria can damage the roots of the teeth, and left untreated, will eventually damage the tooth’s pulp. Root canal treatments becomes a necessity when the pulp of the tooth is infected. The pulp is connective tissue present in each individual tooth- that provides nutrients to the teeth.

An infected pulp causes pain and distress that leaves most patients irritated. There may be various symptoms that may indicate a need for root canal therapy such as intense sensitivity to hot and cold temperature, swelling of gums, darkening colour of the tooth or severe and painful headaches.

If you suffering from any of these symptoms, Portrait Dental in Toronto, Ontario may suggest root canal treatment to rid you of this inconvenience. Root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp, as well as a filling to fill the void, thus helping to protect from further infections. If the infected pulp remains untreated the bacteria will gradually spread to the adjoining gums, complicating and worsening the condition of your oral health. To find out if this procedure is for you, contact us now or visit our dentist in Toronto, Ontario to schedule an appointment!

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