Migraine Pain Prevention

If you are frequently experiencing chronic headaches or pain near your jaw muscle, you may be exhibiting symptoms of migraine. Migraines are severe headaches, causing intense pain on either side of the head. People having migraine problems could show symptoms like:

  • Chronic headache and fatigue.
  • Pain in neck, shoulder, or facial muscles.
  • Wearing or grinding of teeth.
  • Nausea, vomiting, or both.
  • Short term weakness.

People with constant migraine attacks are likely to have their day-to-day life affected and hence, a proper diagnosis of these issues becomes essential to prevent further debilitation. Portrait Dental provides a stabilization splint that helps to decrease the effects of migraine. Stabilization splints are a lightweight dental mouthpiece, which covers the upper or lower teeth. A stabilization splint helps you feel relaxed and comfortable, which helps to reduce the clenching and grinding of teeth at night.

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