Hygiene Services in Liberty Village, Toronto

The common practice of brushing twice daily is a good basis for a healthy oral care regiment, but this basic routine doesn’t protect you from all oral diseases. Oral diseases generally go unnoticed, and failure to treat developing problems might deteriorate the overall health of your mouth.

People who consistently overlook their oral health often fall prey to gum diseases, which tend to damage the overall health of your mouth, potentially introducing infection to your whole body thereafter. As a smile-owner we all need to devote constant care and attention to our oral health so as to prevent the development of gum disease.

By seeing your dentist every six months, you’re doing your part in keeping your smile healthy. Portrait Dental, located in Liberty Village, Toronto, provides hygiene services, which allow us to inspect your teeth and gums and perform a thorough cleaning of your mouth. Dental checkups benefit our patients by eliminating diseases before they have a chance to develop, and by providing access to quality oral health care tips. A fresh and disease free mouth looks and feels better, so be sure to visit regularly!

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