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Dental implants are restorative treatments that involve replacing one or more missing teeth, and their roots, with natural looking artificial teeth. Dental implants are useful to those who are less comfortable as a result of their missing teeth, rendering enjoyable tasks such as eating, chewing or even smiling into tedious ones.

To avoid complications caused by a missing tooth, such as shifting of teeth or degrading jaw bones, Portrait Dental in Liberty Village, recommends dental implant toronto as solution. Unlike a dental bridges or a dental crowns, dental implants are fused into the jaw bone by surgically affixing a metal abutment within it. The abutment, which is rooted in the bone, acts as a strong base for the implant, which is then followed-through with a dental crown, which is attached to the abutment. Over the coming month, as the gums and bones heal around the implant, the implant fuses with the surrounding tissues to create a stable base. A crown, which is customized to the shape and shade of your remaining teeth, is attached to the implant to restore your smile.

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