New Year, New You: How Teeth Whitening Can Eliminate White Spot and Yellow Teeth

Keeping a New Year’s Resolutions can be tough.  One that you probably didn’t make, but have thought about, is whiter teeth.  At Portrait we can whiten your teeth professionally for a radiant, bright smile.  It’s a new year and time for you to light up a room every time with a beautiful, pearly white smile. Professional teeth whitening can eliminate white spots and yellow teeth, leaving you with a gorgeous smile you can be proud of.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Brightness?

When our adult teeth erupt, they are brilliantly white however as we age, teeth lose their lustre due to the drinks we consume, foods we eat, the use of tobacco and alcohol, genetics and poor oral hygiene.  In your oral health is great, you do not smoke but have discoloured teeth, it is usually due to foods that are high in acid and tannins (tea, coffee, soda, oranges, etc.). These foods erode tooth enamel, which is another factor associated with tooth discolouration. In addition, the ageing process causes our teeth to lose their brightness. It may seem like discoloured teeth are inevitable; however, in as little as an hour, professional teeth whitening can whiten your teeth 8-10 shades brighter.

How Does it Work?

At your dental appointment, the dentist will fit your mouth for special trays. Because these trays are fitted to your mouth, you can avoid worrying about your gums accidentally being exposed to the whitening gel or having too little or too much applied.  The gel contains whitening agents and also helps to protect tooth enamel from damage.

After just the first session at the dentist’s office, your front eight teeth will be noticeably whiter which is great as the front eight teeth are the most prominent teeth in any smile.  Some of our patients are content enough with the results that they end their treatment after one session however if you do wish to continue, you will be provided with special at-home trays that will whiten all of your teeth.  The dentist will direct you on how to use the trays, how much gel to apply and for how long to wear them.

Will Whitening Make My Teeth Sensitive?

One of the concerns patients have about whitening is if their teeth will become more sensitive after whitening their teeth.  Many over-the-counter whitening kits are known to cause tooth sensitivity (More below) however, tooth sensitivity is easily managed when working with your dentist to have your teeth whitened.   If you already suffer from tooth sensitivity, your dentist will create a treatment plan to help with this problem.

How Long Does Whitening Last?

Many people are able to maintain their brilliant smiles by making regular dental visits (at least twice per year for cleanings). If you take care of your teeth at home and keep up with your oral hygiene (brushing twice a day, flossing and using a dentist-recommended mouthwash), you should have a gorgeous smile for a year or more. However, if you are a smoker, you run the risk of undoing the whitening treatment altogether. Talk to your dentist and doctor about quitting. They can help you come up with a plan and can recommend smoking cessation aids.

Whiter Teeth = Bigger Smiles = Better Confidence

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many people suffer because they’re ashamed of their smile. When you have a smile you can be proud of, you’ll smile more and your confidence will skyrocket. You’ll never be afraid to laugh and smile in public again. In fact, you’ll go out of your way to smile and laugh because you’ll love your gorgeous white teeth and want to show them off.

Are Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products Worth it?

There are many whitening products available. You can purchase teeth whitening kits at the pharmacy, but you’ll only be doing your mouth a disservice. OTC whitening products do more harm to your teeth than good. They may be inexpensive and easy to use, but they aren’t customized to your mouth. When you visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening, the trays used are fit to your mouth’s exact dimensions, ensuring that the whitening gel doesn’t stray and touch your gums. When you use an OTC product, the trays are designed as a one-size-fits-all solution and could irritate and damage your gums. Furthermore, OTC products only whiten a small percentage of your teeth (usually the middle) and do not remove spots.

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