Orthodontics & Orthopedic Liberty Village, Toronto.

Orthodontic and orthopedic treatments are meant to reshape the structure of your smile, by using either metal braces, retainers or clear retainers (invisible braces).

Children undergo rapid structural changes in regards to the alignment of their teeth and it sometimes becomes essential for an orthopedic treatment to become a part of their teeth's developmental phase. Orthopedics is the initial step to eliminating current, and future dental malocclusions in children. Portrait Dental, in Toronto, Ontario's Liberty Village, also provides orthodontic treatments, which includes the use of aligners and retainers that help shift teeth to their ideal positioning.

Orthodontic treatment may be advisable:

  • To treat crooked teeth or gaps between teeth.
  • If you have underbite or overbite.
  • To treat a disorder in the jaw's joints.

Our dentists, ideally, suggest orthodontic treatments for teenagers, because with good preventive care, your teeth can last lifetime. It is always more effective to steer teeth to their ideal positioning than it is to shift them, once they have become fully developed. 

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